Gila Rover Indian Community Street Lights Project

Gila River Indian Community Solar Street Lights Project

Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) District 1 is located in Sacaton, Arizona. Roughly 50 square miles in area, and home to approximately 1,000 residents, the GRIC faces land, residential, school, agriculture and public uses.
Since the GRIC is a federally recognized tribe, the GRIC Council is the governing body of the Community. Its purpose is to promote and protect the health, peace, morals, education, and general welfare of the GRIC. The Council is also authorized to use grants from external funding sources, such as the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program.
The GRIC project entailed the massive construction of:
  • 96 concrete base foundations
  • Assembly and installation of solar panels, batteries and more
  • Assembly and installation of 14 retrofitted solar street lights
  • Assembly and installation of 10 lighting shields
Work was coordinated with GRIC Cultural Resources Management, GRIC Council, and multiple agencies. Lights consisted of an assortment of pathway lighting, parking areas, subdivisions, and street lighting. Unique to this project was the burial of the storage batteries for concealment, battery life extension and ease of accessibility.
Ensuring pedestrian safety through the provision of walkway and street lighting was the primary focus of RGE. The solar lighting panels provide optimized aesthetics while offering reduced maintenance costs. Computerized energy management systems eliminate the risk of premature battery failure, and the motion sensors override dimming features when activity is detected.
RGE’s group of dedicated team members are proud to have been selected to be part of this amazing development for Gila River Indian Community.