Sandia Facilities Express Program

GE is a local, Native American owned and operated consulting engineering firm and is part of our JV.  Rock Gap provides electrical and mechanical engineering services for DOE, DOD, tribal, and commercial clients.  Their staff includes DOE-cleared and former DOE-cleared, New Mexico registered professional engineers with direct experience in Los Alamos.  Rock Gap is certified as a New Mexico small disadvantaged business. The firm has provided excellent services for engineering and construction projects throughout the Southwestern U.S.

Rock Gap employs a multi-disciplined group of professionals experienced in developing and implementing practical solutions to complex engineering challenges.  The firm has led engineering and architectural design efforts for projects up to $4 million in total design and construction costs, and their efforts have been instrumental in bringing projects to completion on time and within budget.  Rock Gap is establishing a presence in the region’s Native American architecture and engineering market through its excellent performance.  Clients include numerous municipalities, county and state governments, and federal agencies.

Rock Gap Engineering, LLC (RGE) is currently on contract with Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) to provide professional design services to support Sandia’s Facilities Express (FE) group. The majority of the design services required are architectural with an emphasis on systems furniture. Additionally, some engineering services may be required including structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical. Typically, FE projects are quick turn-around, limited in complexity of design, and have a total project cost (design and construction) generally less than $50K for construction projects that are non-furniture related and up to $150K for projects that are predominately new furniture related. These limits can be adjusted upward as determined by Sandia.

The scope of FE projects include but are not limited to:
Office modifications

Laboratory modifications

System furniture changes and installations

Executive and management suite modifications

Access control installations

Exterior landscape and hardscape modifications Mechanical




Electrical additions or changes

Architectural additions or changes

Since we are matrix-organized, we are flexible and prove to successfully use the same overall organizational structure for projects of all sizes. The vast majority of our work will be performed using our expertise located in Los Alamos and Albuquerque. We maintain a Qualified Supplier’s List of Specialty subcontractors with whom we have teaming agreements with for unique projects that call for expertise beyond that represented inside the JV. Specialty subcontractors are contracted directly to the RGE.

Project teams are developed to meet the specific needs of the project.  The RGE Program Manager is responsible for the overall performance of the contract.  The Program Manager selects the Project Manager for a project based on the project scope of work, and the skills and expertise required for leadership and management of the project.  The Project Managers report directly to the Program Manager and are responsible for cost, schedule, and technical performance.

FE Projects are assigned to RGE through Sandia’s “iSupplier” portal similar as all entities currently on contract for services to Sandia. Each FE Project is issued as a Standard Purchase Order (PO) with a Sandia Service Order (SO) to show the Customer, location of the work (i.e. building number/room number), brief scope, preliminary schedule and budget. The RGE FE Administrative Assistant monitors iSupplier each day to enter new POs or PO revisions in RGE’s FE Database and the “SO Project Folder” in RGE’s internal shared drive.

The RGE FE Project Manager assigns each new PO/SO to an appropriate RGE “FE Lead” that will be responsible for managing the project through completion. The RGE FE Lead is selected based on the primary scope of work (i.e. interior office/room remodel projects are assigned to RGE’s Architectural Lead, mechanical projects are assigned to RGE’s Mechanical Lead, electrical projects are assigned to RGE’s Electrical Lead, etc.).

The FE Leads assemble an RGE Design Team and arranges a site visit with the Sandia Customer listed on the SO, and documents a more fully developed Scope of Work (SOW) for Customer approval. With the approved SOW, the FE Lead prepares a Design Fee Estimate and preliminary schedule and submits a “Funding Increase Authorization” (FIA) form to the Customer if more design funds are required. The approved FIA is attached to “Request for Information” (RFI) form to Sandia’s FE Administrative Assistants to revise the PO for the increased funding limit and extended Period of Performance (POP).